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6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Phillip,
    I’m a friend of Glenda’s now living in Australia. I watched the Cereal Killers 2 doco today and recognised you. It was a great watch! I’ve been following a LCHF/ketogenic lifestyle since May and have noticed big changes in my body shape, energy levels, and performance. I’ve had digestion issues since childhood and these are totally gone. Both my parents required pacemakers, and I’m hoping to avoid anything like that in the future. Well done on what you’re doing. Regards, Marcia Mattushek

    • Hi Marcia

      Thanks for the kinds words. I have been prescribing LCHF (Mediterranean) ketogenic diets for 5 years now and have some wonderful results in great endurance athletes. Our last was Dr Otto Thaning whom we keto-adapted in preparation for his English Channel attempt in September 2014. Otto swum the 45 km at the tender age of 73 yr to become the oldest man in the world to do this amazing feat. His nutritional adaptation was a great success with the use of “medium chain fatty acids” from coconut cream providing much of his 15 000 Cal over the 13 hour swim.

      Regards Cardiologydoc

  2. Hello,

    My name is Alexis Valticos, I’m the MOOC coordinator at the Global Health Institute at the University of Geneva and I’m writing to you because we would like to use an image of your blog in a presentation of our forthcoming MOOC on Screening. Dr. Arnaud Chiolero, who is in charge of presenting the module on Hypertension would like to show an image named ” Atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease”.

    No commercial use will be made from this image.

    Do you allow us to use it as an educational support?

    Thank you,
    Alexis Valticos

  3. Thoroughly enjoy the blog. It’s challenging, and while I may not agree with everything I appreciate the critical reasoning you bring to it.

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