The Brown Fat Revolution

Ok so you now understand that according to “The Brown Fat Revolution”, this fat is your friend, and you need it for a younger-looking, slim, toned body. It’s the white fat in our bodies that makes us flabby and age poorly primarily because white fat is an “inflammatory” storage “organ” which prematurely ages our systems.

Complication of the overweight/ obese state exacerbate with age and tends to carry a poor prognosis.  Brown fat, on the other hand, boosts your basal metabolic rate, keeping you slim and giving skin volume a better appearance. Brown fat may actually help you lose weight by thermogenically increasing basal metabolic rates. The Brown Fat Revolution is not so much a weight loss diet as an eating and exercise plan designed to help you increase metabolism, get rid of white fat, and replace it with healthy brown fat.

I have spent years as an exercise cardiologist studying and assessing people of all shapes and size and have seen how diet manipulation and exercise can change your visceral fat, rejuvenate your appearance, and enhance weight loss and more importantly improve quality-of-life and reduce cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Essentially coupling a keto-adapted diet (“Eco-Atkins”) with daily conditioning exercise you will maintain ketosis and stimulate and activate brown fat.

Stick to the 60:30:10 philosophy I have described with 60% of daily calories from fat (balance lean red/ white meat, oily fish, eggs, low fat dairy and some cheese with the vegan oils and fats). 40% of calories from protein to 1-1 1/2 grams per kg body mass (do not overdo the protein). The 10% calories come from your carbohydrate restriction (about a total 60g per day only).  This for me is the BIGGEST challenge as it is terribly easy to intake carbohydrates.  Keep away from the big 5 (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and pizza), all cereals, starchy vegetables, high-carb fruits and ALL fruit juices cakes cookies, sweets and sugars.

Use the glycemic index to choose the best carbs — high-fiber ones like occasional fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes. Don’t forget raw nuts and seeds are vital for vegan fat calories, great protein and high in fibre (this will deal with constipation). Eat before and after every workout and keep total calories proportional to your goals (20 calories per kg if aiming for weight loss) to 30 calories per kg if aiming to retain a lean mass with good muscle bulk. Eat a variety of foods throughout the day in small volumes keeping portions small and drink plenty of ‘calorie free’ fluids.

In my next series of BLOGS I will discuss “Optimal Medical Management” (OMT) in preventing and aggressively treating cardiovascular disease.




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